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"Recognizing the need is the primary condition of design."


Get out of the chorus, discovering unique objects and tailor-made solutions


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The world of design is constantly changing.


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The ideal is to find a balance between aesthetics and functionality.



By combining different materials and styles, harmonious and pleasant effects can be obtained.

3D and Render

greater precision

Understand precisely how the various environments will be.


Giuseppe Giampà born in 1979, he graduated in industrial design with address “product design” at the faculty of Architecture in Florence.

When I design, my goal is to reach the solution that best matches the customer's expectations by making available all my skills and knowledge of new trends in interior design and furnishings. And when my design is realized, I carefully follow each phase of the work by teaming up with all the people who collaborate on site to ensure a quality result, relying only on trusted suppliers for finishing materials and furnishings, viewing every single object to obtain the best possible result. Thanks to the three-dimensional representation and the project renderings, before starting work, you can understand exactly how the various environments will be (materials, colors, lights, furnishings and individual design pieces).

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